how it works

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We Deliver 

We deliver and set up to your schedule

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Tie the Knot

You have the perfect day

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We Remove

We pack down and remove once you have finished

How big are the letters?

Each Letter is 2.2M High by 1M Wide by 15cm Deep.

Can I hire numbers or symbols?

Yes! We have numbers and most symbols.

How long does installation and removal take?

In most cases it takes no longer than 45 minutes.

What power source is required?

A standard mains 240V electric outlet is required. We supply all of the power cables and RCD protection.

Are there any colours other than white?

Yes! We can create Letters of all colours and can skin them with custom vinyl.

Can you create custom fonts and logos?

Yes! We can create complete custom projects and designs.

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Julian & Fatima 

All Black Superstar